The School follows the County Councils Admissions Policy.

The County Admissions Team can be contacted by telephone 0345 2412487 or email Apply for places online at

Starting at Beckley School

Starting school is a very big step for every child. At Beckley School we work hard to make it a happy and fulfilling time.  Full time education at Beckley School begins at the start of the school year in September. Parents can defer entry if they wish until the term their child is five.  Parents have the option to take up full or part time places.


For half-term prior to starting school, children are invited to attend Playlink.  Children spend an afternoon per week in school during which they join the current foundation Class. Alternatively, parents may prefer to introduce their child to school through one whole day visit (by arrangement with the Head) when the child can experience a full day in the Infant Department. During Playlink children take part in many of the different activities and become familiar with all the school staff, other children in the school, the school buildings and its grounds. They are very special and welcomed members of our school. This scheme has been in existence for several years and has proved to be both educationally worthwhile and a happy introduction into school.

Pre-school Visits

Parents of children who have not yet started school are very welcome to visit.  Every opportunity of visiting classrooms to see children and teachers at work is offered. We aim to make visits as informative as possible and to answer any questions that you may have.

Parents’ Role

Beckley School is fully aware of the vital role that parents play in the education of their children.

To keep parents fully informed of the work covered by the children, a ‘Programme of Study’ is provided which identifies the knowledge and relevant skills that will be taught.

Throughout the school year opportunities are provided for parents to visit the school, both informally and formally. There are two ‘Open School’ evenings.  These give parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s education and social development with their Class Teacher. Parents are given the dates of these evenings well in advance and adequate time is allocated to allow detailed discussion of the child’s progress. There is an open invitation to assemblies and other regular events that occur throughout the year.

The Headteacher and Staff are always happy to meet parents should they wish to discuss any particular aspect of their child’s education and progress through the school.

The School welcomes the help of parents and other adults with particular skills in all aspects of school life.