Beckley School is a Church of England (Controlled) Primary School with approximately 130 children serving the villages of Beckley, Elsfield, Horton-cum-Studley, Stanton St John and Forest Hill. We also attract a number of children from Headington and other areas of Oxford. Beckley itself is situated six miles north east of Oxford. Our school lies in a quiet lane close to the Parish Church and is surrounded by picturesque countryside. For most purposes, a controlled School operates within very similar rules to those of County Schools. The main difference is that there are foundation Governors on the Governing Body, nominated by the Parish Church Council.

In April 2019 we were delighted to become an academy with the River Learning Trust.

School Grounds and Buildings

The school is set in beautiful countryside with outstanding views onto Otmoor. The school buildings consist of the original school dated 1895 and new teaching rooms, kitchen and staff room erected in 1968 and 1974, with modifications made in 1984 and again in 1995. The Victorian building, which has a great deal of character is used for assemblies, PE, school meals, music, drama, concerts etc.

The original new building, built 1968, houses the Reception class, kitchen area where children can do cookery and a small office used for special needs teaching, private meetings, music etc. The central part of the building houses a staff room and the main entrance leading to the main office. Adjoining these are two more classrooms. In 1995 the whole interior of the school was converted from an open plan arrangement to individual, self contained classrooms, to complement the style of teaching in the school at present.

A new classroom was added in summer 2000. In 2005 there were major alterations carried out. Two KS1 cloakrooms and a new KS1 classroom were added. In 2007 two new KS2 classrooms were added.

There is a playground at the front of the school, which has been extended with a patio area. Adjoining the playground is a small, secluded garden, which is dedicated for the older children. In the summer months the children enjoy playing in the large playing field at the back of the school, overlooking a beautiful view over Otmoor. The field is also used for sports activities.

In the summer of 2017 we created a brand new library in the heart of the school to promote the enjoyment of reading.  FOBS funded new the new seating, books and bookshelves.  Two murals were created by two ex pupils of Beckley and Wheatley Park Schools.

Below are a series of photographs showing our wonderful sycamore trees which overlook Otmoor.