We organise our classes into mixed age groups or single cohorts, depending on cohort sizes. This means that most children are often taught in mixed age classes. Where cohorts are split children are allocated their class based upon age, not by ability or prior attainment. The only exceptions to this are for children with recognised special educational needs and for children who arrive later in the school year, if we need to balance class sizes.

The names of the classes were chosen by the children in the School Council and reflect the five star species found on the RSPB reserve at Otmoor. Consisting of wet meadows and reedbeds, Otmoor is a haven in winter for thousands of birds and in spring and summer for breeding birds.


Year Group

  Tufted Duck

This diving duck is a breeding bird at Otmoor. Look out for broods of brown ducklings in late spring and summer. Male tufted ducks have bold black and white markings, while females are dark brown.

Reception / Year 1

Watch the nesting lapwings at Otmoor chasing predators that may come too close to their nests or show too much of an interest in their chicks. The protective parents do not stop until it is safe.

Year 2/ Year 3

Spring visits to Otmoor are enriched by the beautiful song of the skylarks. They rise up into the air from the grassland until they are barely visible and only their song can be heard.

Year 4 / Year 5

Hobbies are falcons which arrive at Otmoor in late April, leaving in September. They are very agile and fast. They hunt small birds like martins, and dragonflies, which they catch with their feet.

Year 6